Space-Saving Tips When Packing Holiday Luggage

Making sure all personal belongings are accounted for when heading on holiday is important. Intelligent packing solutions can help you fit more into the suitcase, whatever the size. multihead weigher

Whether you are heading to the sun-soaked beaches of the Caribbean or the slopes of Val d’Isere, packing for any trip can bring on pre-holiday stress. Even if you have private household staff to help with this process, it is good to know the easiest and most efficient ways to pack lighter and tidier. Here are a few space-saving tips when packing for your holiday.

Heaviest items at the bottom

For those who like to take a larger-than-normal collection of shoes or make-up products on their holidays, packing these towards the bottom of the suitcase will prevent the luggage tumbling over when stationary. It will also allow for more of the softer items to be included in the middle and top of the bag.

Rolling vs. Folding

Two different styles of packing that both have their advantages and disadvantages. Rolling clothes is a great way to prevent lines and creases in easily wrinkled clothing, however it could be argued that it takes up more space in the suitcase due to the resulting bulky shape. On the other hand, folding items of clothing and lying them flat on top of each other is a great way to save space if you are travelling with a backpack, as layering folded items decreases the potential volume of material.

Vacuum compression bags

Popular with those with large families or those travelling for a longer period of time, vacuum compression bags are a great investment. Whether you choose to roll or fold clothing, either way more space will be created in the suitcase. To use the bags, simply put the clothing in, seal the bag and then squeeze the air out. This trick will leave you with more space to pack bulkier items such as shoes and sun creams.

Essential items in hand-luggage

Obvious but surprisingly easy to forget, making sure you keep essential items such as phone/tablet chargers, books, reading glasses and medications in your hand luggage is important. Writing a list of the items on your holiday checklist to consider for hand luggage is a good place to start, as access to these once in the hold of an aeroplane won’t be possible. A good tip for preventing cables from tangling in the bag is to put them in a spare glasses case, this way they will be easy to reach and you won’t have to spend time untying knots!